Janis Joplin – A Lot Like Me (1965)

Welcome to Voice Piece.  Since we’re new, I thought I’d let you know what we are all about before we get started.

This is going to be a feminist music blog.  We want to cover music with the feminist eye we use on a day-to-day basis.  This means you’re not only going to find the typical posts you’d see on a music blog – such as reviews and playlists, but also commentary on today’s music culture.

We are also only electing to cover artists that fit in the W/T/F (Women/Trans/Femme) gender spectrum, as bands, solo artists, or front people, with the mission of helping our readers diversify their music libraries.  We think the music you find here will fit in nicely with some of the music you’ve already got in your rotation.

So, what’s next?

In a few days, we will unveil the Music By Women 2017 List – a massive catalog of as much music we could dig up in 2017 released by artists in the W/T/F spectrum.  This project is what inspired this website, so there’s no better way to get us kicked off than this!  It’s our biggest effort yet – we’ve managed to compile over 500 different albums this year!  After the list is posted, we’ll provide some articles and guides to help you dig through it, and then spend the rest of January revisiting 2017.

We’re launching quietly – simple layout, not too many posts, less than a handful of contributors – but I’m really excited to grow this project into reaching as wide of an audience as possible.  This website is named for a Yoko Ono performance piece, where you are instructed to “scream against the wind”, so many artists I’ve encountered that will be featured here do just that, and I’m so excited to get to share them with you.

Peace & Love,

Sara Loebig
Founder of Voice Piece

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