Music By Women 2017 – FAQ

Q: What is this?

A: This is a list of every album we could find of LPs and EPs released by women and non-binary people in 2017, as solo artists, front people or as a whole band.

Q: Who made this?

A: The spreadsheet was created by Sara.  Data entry done by Sara and Lily.  Playlists made by Sara and Lily.  Submissions from the collective mind of the wonderful users of r/indieheads, without whom this project would not have been possible!

Q: Woah, there is a lot of music on here, how am I supposed to listen to all of it?

A: We know that this is a lot to consume, which is what the playlists are for!  Hit shuffle on a genre, or on the full list, and see what you get!  It’s a fun way to take a trip around every category listed, and to find something new that you might not have heard otherwise.  Don’t forget to check out the last page of albums only available on bandcamp!

Q: Why isn’t _____ on the list?

A: They most likely were not submitted, or were not eligible.  This is a large project done by a small group of people, and unfortunately not everything makes it.  We like to think more about what we have than what we don’t have!

Q: I noticed a typo/miscategorization on an artist.

A: Please inform us at  Please understand that genre can be subjective, so that is a category that we are not likely to change.  We are more concerned with easy to fix spelling errors, or if you believe someone’s identity is being misrepresented or outed.

Q: Isn’t separating these artists by their identity tokenizing?

A: The new identity categories were added this year as a direct response to requests for more representation in the past.  In the past couple of years, one of the most common questions asked is which artists on the list are LGBT+.  While our main goal is to help people diversify their music libraries as a whole, we believe that highlighting artists by their identity will help people find a voice that sounds much like their own, maybe for the first time ever.  These artists have been, and will always be, part of the final project, we just wanted to make them more visible for those who need them the most.

Q: Why is the project called “Music by Women” when non-binary people are included?

A: I know it’s a horrible answer, but when I created this project I came up with this name, and haven’t come up with anything else since. The inclusion of femme-aligned non-binary people in this project is not meant to imply they are women, but rather that they are subjected to many of the same oppressive forces binary women face. As such, they share a similar artistic point of view and dire need for representation. In our opinion, this makes them worthy of appearing on the list. To reflect this, we’ll be changing the name of the project to something more inclusive in the new year.

Any further questions, comments or concerns not included above can be sent to

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