Letter from the Editor – The Long Sleep

Dear Voice Piece Readers…

I know Voice Piece has been silent over the summer.  I have a million and one reasons for it, but writing them down makes them seem futile.  Working for yourself is hard, especially when there is seemingly almost nothing pushing you to move forward.  Starting up financed by myself, has touched every level of my anxiety in ways I never thought.  A learning experience in total, but at a cost, and the cost is the silence.

Laura Owens, Untitled, 2000

The reality is, as many reasons as I have to move forward, I have even more to keep going.  We’ve existed for over a year now, and I’m extremely proud of what we’ve published, as small as it’s been.  Uniting friends I’ve made over this unified cause has been nothing but a privilege.  

The anxiety creeps in when I start to write, or to publish.  Living with panic disorder means living three steps ahead at all times from thinking about every worst case scenario.  Overthinking is my biggest weakness.  

However, one advantage of living three steps ahead allows me to adapt and plan for these kinds of situations.  So what I can say now is:

  • Voice Piece Presents: The List 2018 is still happening, in fact, I’ve been working on it for a month.  And check out that new title!  I can’t wait to share with you all the great artists who have been making music this year.
  • We will be back writing stories in some format in 2019.  How, and on what schedule, is still TBD.

I’ve titled this letter after Jenny Hval’s EP, The Long Sleep, as a preview to our end of the year coverage, but also to symbolize what’s been going on with the site, and what will happen when we “awaken”- feeling renewed and refreshed.

Peace & Love,


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