March Release Calendar & Reddit Discussions

Hey everyone!  Just a quick update on a couple of features here.

Firstly, the March Release Calendar has now been published!  Check out what’s coming up, and bookmark it for the future as I’ll be adding in whatever else I can find as the month goes along!

Click here for the March Release Calendar

Click here for the February Release Calendar – to see what you’ve missed!

Another feature I’ve yet to mention on the site is the monthly discussions I hold on the subreddit r/indieheads.  On the last weekend of every month (usually the Sunday), I’ll post a discussion thread where we can talk about all our favorite female-identifying artists of past and present!  Also of note is the fact that I moderate this subreddit – and watch out for anyone who may violate this monthly safe space, so feel free to discuss away with your fellow music-lovers!  I’ll also be debuting the next months’ release calendar in each discussion post!

Here’s this past month’s discussion, and look out for the March one at the end of the month, I’ll be posting it on our Twitter account.

Thanks for your enduring support of the website and have a great month!

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