Voice Piece Playlist Vol. 1: Sara’s Favorites from Music by Women 2017

VPVol1.jpgNote: this playlist was sent out at the end of January as part of our newsletter series.  Please subscribe to the newsletter to get this exclusive playlist as soon as it’s released!

One of the best parts about creating the Music by Women list is finally getting to listen to it!  The sheer volume of music that is put together in a short amount of time leaves little space for exploration until it is fully complete.  Once it’s finally posted, I’ll take some time to hit shuffle on the full list and see what comes out – I’ve found some of my favorite songs on the list this way!  For the first playlist, I compiled 50 songs that jumped out to me – from either hearing it earlier in the year, or for the first time from the list.

Volume 1 Playlist Links:  Apple Music / Spotify

View the full Music by Women 2017 Project Here

vol 1 tracklist.jpg

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