Music By Women 2017

Welcome to the annual Music by Women spreadsheet and playlist compilation!

What you’ll find here are over 500 (!) tediously compiled albums and EP’s, by artists within the Women/Trans/Femme gender spectrum, sorted by genre and identity identifiers.  This year we go beyond genre to help celebrate the diversity in the music we list.  In a year of marches, political turmoil, travel bans, and much more, there’s been so much that makes us feel like the odds are against us.  Through our freedom of expression through music, we come together to form a sisterhood that will help us power through it all.  This is shown through the playlist art – each playlist is a piece of the big picture that is the full list.  We hope through this music you can find artists that remind you of yourself – your nationality, identity and/or language, or find someone that is from a different world than yours.  Enjoy!  Let’s dive in!

(click to view)

Your ultimate resource, this is absolutely everything- starting with every artist, then broken down into all their specifiers.  You can find playlist links at the top of each sheet.  On this spreadsheet only you’ll find details such as specific genres from the “Other” category and the languages spoken on the “Non-English” playlist.


Want to skip straight into the music?  Here’s a link to every spreadsheet on Apple Music and Spotify.

Full List: Apple Music / Spotify
Rock: Apple Music / Spotify
Pop: Apple Music / Spotify
Hip Hop/R&B: Apple Music / Spotify
Electronic: Apple Music / Spotify
Singer/Songwriter: Apple Music / Spotify
Other: Apple Music / Spotify
Non-English: Apple Music / Spotify
LGBT+: Apple Music / Spotify
Trans/Non-Binary: Apple Music / Spotify
People of Color: Apple Music / Spotify

Here is a list of everything not on these services.  Keep scrolling for an op-ed on the impact of streaming on many of the artists including on our list by one of it’s creators!

(click to view)

Have any questions or concerns about this project?  Please read this FAQ of commonly-asked questions before getting in touch.



Music By Women project created by Sara Loebig.
Spreadsheet formatting & data entry by Sara & Lily Makowski.
Playlists by Sara & Lily.
Playlist & Header Art by Emily Csuy .
Artist submissions by the users of r/indieheads

Thank you all so much – your contributions this year mean more to me than I can put into words! – Sara

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