Princess Nokia: Innovator of the Year

Destiny Frasqueri, better known as Princess Nokia, is not your typical “rapper”, in fact, I’d rather not restrict her to such a narrow label.  With two releases in 2018, one an ambitious new project and the other a re-issue of her first mixtape, she has shown her ability to not let labels define her and her art, making her one of the most interesting and promising musicians working.

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Happy Pride Month from Voice Piece

June is Pride Month, and we’ve gone rainbow with the colors that represent the LGBT+ community!  Don’t worry, we’ll be doing much more than changing the color of our logo – this month along with our regular content, we’ll be posting about our favorite LGBT+ artists of past and present.

To get the month kicked off, here’s a playlist we made with some songs we love.  Enjoy!

Album Review: Courtney Barnett, a Stranger’s Best Friend

Tell Me How You Really Feel

For all the articles labeling Courtney Barnett a “slacker,” you’d be hard pressed to find a person with so many extracurricular activities. A record label (Milk! Records), last year’s collaborative album and tour with Kurt Vile, playing in Jen Cloher’s band – if this is Barnett’s process of procrastination, we should all hope to be so productive in the middle of avoidance.

I say procrastination, because you’d still be hard pressed to find someone who would willingly take themselves apart, and dissect the messy innards of their anxiety and self-doubt. Such bravery is a rarity.

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“Girls,” Female Collaboration, and the Hollowness of Mainstream “Anthems”

It sounded like the perfect idea: four up-and-coming stars of the pop music industry collaborating: Rita Ora, Cardi B, Bebe Rexa and Charli XCX.  On a song called “Girls”, with the lead up to the song’s premiere seeming to insinuate that some kind of feminist anthem was incoming.  

What the song ended up actually being was a tone deaf and hollow exploitation of our desire to see some famous women join together for a cause – even if that cause was just making a great song. 

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Introducing: the Voice Piece Book Group!

I’m currently reading “The Raincoats” by Jenn Pelly

Books can be one of our greatest resources in learning about Feminist theory & history.  Even focusing on music, this literature is often where we most hear about the history of women in music directly from the sources themselves.  Using Goodreads, I’ve started a book group for our users to share, discuss and discover new books about music & feminism.  Hopefully in the future, if we have enough members we can all read the same books simultaneously, and learn from each other as well!


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